Dadbod feedback from Terry!

Don’t know if this is the proper way to get in touch with you both, but it’s what I could find. :-)

Listening to your latest podcast. In regards to the “dad bod”, I’m personally rather neutral about the term, but perhaps “norm core” could be a better alternative. Anyway, it’s always been a very frustrating thing for me to see a whole movement for women to be able to show their body of any shape and size (which I FULLY support), but when it comes to the male body, it’s always about the “hunky guy”, with the huge chest muscles upon muscles. This has always felt like a bit of a double standard or reverse discrimination to me, because like women, it puts so much undue pressure on a male to try to look like that, and if a guy doesn’t look like that, he’s not sexy. Just like how it’s degrading for women to be portrayed more provocatively or seductively in ads or photos, but if one were to replace the woman with a man, the ads become perfectly acceptable.

Sorry for the rant, ladies. It’s something I’ve always been very passionate about. Keep up the great work!