Hello! big fan of the podcast and just heard your episode on cultural appropriation

Submitted by underanewjerseysky

I have been binging your podcast and i cant get enough of it!! I just heard your gucci murdered episode, and i have some insights. I am a young half native american from the Miami tribe in Indiana and as a lover of fashion when it comes to this subject its always been one i struggle with. When it comes to festival season i cant help to eye roll at the hipster girls that run around cochella in headdress. In my tribe it is a sign of respect. It is something that isn’t just given to the chieftain but earned. It is to us a sacred item. Though i am a lover of fashion i have to respect the customs of my people. I understand that they don’t realize this but does that make it okay? Magazines fail to actually research certain items or pieces of clothing until they get called out and apologize for their ignorance. Then they go on as if nothing happened. As a young person i understand they are doing it for the sake of festival look, but on the other hand its disrespectful to my background and i can see how offend my mother and grandmother get when they see this. I feel that though we might like the way something looks if it means something to another culture maybe we should just respect it and move on to the next trend.  Or if you are going to use it use it maybe ask for some background information and maybe use the actual people its from instead of some tall white model. Fashion as we know is ever evolving so why cant we just skip on to the next thing?