Listener Morayo on fashion as art

Listening to this segment made me think of automotive museums. I often lump fashion and cars together because of how patenting is handled in both industries because they both produce functional pieces. There are people who love the industries for their aesthetics, as there are car lovers and fashion lovers (though you could argue that car lovers are more involved because they understand the technicalities of a vehicle, unlike many fashion lovers-this is beside the point though). There are industrial designers for cars who create beautiful, high car designs that never get driven by the typical pedestrian just as there are runway designs that you can’t buy. Cars, just as clothes, have to be sold focusing on what the customer will buy but also trying to be progressive and different.

So (getting to the point here), can automotive design be art? There are automotive museums and no one calls them art. They’re just car museums. But why? The design there is just as apparent as in clothing and car designs have evolved with technology just as clothing has. Both fields have excellent, prominent designers. I definitely think fashion can be in museums, because there’s so much progress in that industry (just as with cars), but does it deserve to be called art? If we don’t call automotive design art, how can we justify calling fashion art?