The Two Kinds of Tired

This week we talked a lot about this old WSJ article, The Sleepless Elite. We agreed that some of the reasons we’re so damn tired are rising expectations of productivity and the new norm of being endlessly BUSY. 

One of the things I totally forgot to talk about when we recorded is the difference in being physically tired and emotionally tired. These two types often occur together: like when you just got off that project with the crazy deadline and you finally have a day off. You might need a day to just sleep for your mind and body to both recover.

But sometimes they don’t happen together. There are nights when my body is exhausted, but my mind is racing. There are days when I know I don’t have time to slow down, but I admit that I’m just feeling weary. On the inside. Just hopelessly and helplessly tired. 

It’s easy to admit when you’re physically tired. It’s harder to admit when your heart is worn down.

And this concludes some deep thoughts from Lisa. xo.