Though today’s brow aesthetic is decidedly “more is more,” not everyone is born with Brooke Shields-esque arches. Also bubbling up in the market are improved ways to achieve that full look. In early October, Blink began offering a Build-a-Brow extension service, $170 for 90 minutes, a process similar to lash extensions in which individual brow hairs are glued to existing hair. So far Blink has done about 20 Build-a-Brow services. On Nov. 1, LashDip, creators of a semipermanent mascara, also revealed an extension service. The silk brow “hair” is produced exclusively by the brand in varying lengths and four colors that reportedly allow LashDip artists to achieve a very natural-looking, customized full brow. “We’re looking for a stealthy correction that matches the texture of brow hair,” said president and director of innovation Gina Mondragon. The service costs $100 per hour.

Crystal Martin, “The Brow Boom,” Women’s Wear Daily, November 7, 2014.

WWD is behind a really expensive paywall that Kaarin and I definitely shell out the bucks to get past. But it makes it hard to share relevant articles. Here’s a brief excerpt from last week’s awesome eyebrows piece. -L