Episode 197: Patagonia Sues Trump, Everlane’s New Store, Impending Glitter Ban

Welcome to another episode of Pop Fashion! Russell Simmons got nixed from JCPenney’s menswear lineup, Patagonia is suing Donald Trump, and Kanye West got sued over payments relating to his Yeezy collections. Everlane opened a real live store, MAC and Bumble & Bumble are teaming up, and scientists want to ban glitter. And we learn about the methods of a noted craftivist. Come hang out!

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Episode 196: Gucci's Secret Weapon, Fashionable Con Men, Macy's vs. Everyone

Welcome to another episode of Pop Fashion! We talk Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, Amazon worker strikes in Europe, and J.Crew store closures. Can Macy's survive the retail apocalypse? A lingerie subscription service will refund $1.3M to customers, and Gucci has a secret committee of millennials. What does fashion have to do with being a con man? Come hang out! P.S.: You can now shop Amazon through our link to support the show! Visit popfashionpodcast.com for details.

Episode 195: Cardi B & Christian Louboutin, Victoria’s Secret in China, Azzedine Alaia

Welcome to another episode of Pop Fashion! This week, we remember designer Azzedine Alaia and discuss a cosmetics factory fire in New York. ModCloth quit Black Friday, Ann Taylor started a subscription service, and Cardi B is having an impact on Christian Louboutin's popularity. We ponder the reasons Victoria's Secret moved its annual fashion show to China. Come hang out!

Episode 194: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Online Shopping Returns, Tracee Ellis Ross for JCPenney

Welcome to another episode of Pop Fashion! We're thinking about going to breakfast at Tiffany's, we're loving Tracee Ellis Ross for JCPenney, and our minds are blown over how much money y'all spent on Singles Day. A copycat scandal is rocking the Australian fashion scene, retailers are trying to stop the flood of online returns, and the Met Gala's next theme is.....it's something. And the amount of swag Racked gets on the regular will shock you. Swag! Come hang out!

Episode 193: Kylie Cosmetics at Topshop, Notes in Zara Clothing, Teen Vogue

Welcome to another episode of Pop Fashion! Kylie Jenner is working with Topshop, Madewell is selling beauty products, and Kroger is selling clothing. TJX is paying employees in Puerto Rico even though its stores are still closed, and unpaid factory workers are leaving notes in Zara clothing. Reformation's holiday collection features women leading male-dominated industries. What are we going to do without Teen Vogue in print?! Come hang out!

Episode 192: Changes at Burberry, Aspirational Handbags, Singles Day Shopping

Welcome to another episode of Pop Fashion! This week, Burberry's president is stepping down and the Sears catalog is back. Also back: The Limited. Surprise! The retail holiday forecast is looking bright, Singles Day is approaching, and Amazon Key is seriously weirding us out. Why is a former monk suing L'Oreal? Are handbags an aspirational accessory? Come hang out!

P.S.: Further research about Singles Day reveals that it wasn't invented by Alibaba. Instead, it was established in the 1990s by students at Nanjing University. Alibaba first adopted the holiday as a shopping event in 2009. 

Episode 191: Terry Richardson vs. Conde Nast, Lord & Taylor Changes, Stitch Fix Shopping

Welcome to another episode of Pop Fashion! In this week's jam-packed episode, we discuss Lord & Taylor's changes on 5th Avenue and its probable relationship with Walmart. Stitch Fix filed for IPO, Target's revamp is paying off, and a historic denim plant is closing. A judge tossed out a huge verdict against Johnson & Johnson, Terry Richardson is finally on notice, New York is introducing legislation to protect models from harassment, and Calvin Klein dropped some cash for a good cause. Come hang out!

Episode 190: Beauty Crime Collusion, Rent the Runway Shopping, Bananas

Welcome to another episode of Pop Fashion! If you still need a Halloween costume, we can recommend some banana costumes that are involved in a legal battle. Cosmetic brands were accused of a collusion scheme, and Coach is changing its name. Rent the Runway has a new monthly plan, Nordstrom is holding off on talks that it will go private, and some African nations are trying to ban secondhand clothing imports. And we have an update on how the Harvey Weinstein scandal is impacting the modeling world. Come hang out!

Episode 189: Donna Karan vs. Everybody, Fashion Rentals, Dove’s Dumb Ad

Welcome to another episode of Pop Fashion! This week, we discuss the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and how they tie into the fashion industry — including comments from one Donna Karan. Dove's latest ad was a step back for racial equality, and LuLaRoe is making it hard for sellers to bow out. Balmain is collaborating with Victoria's Secret, Ferragamo announced a new creative director, and DSW is considering shoe rentals. Come hang out!