Lisa and Jessica (Lisa’s bestie and a PF fan) discuss the Met Gala

Not sure why Lisa and Kaarin didn’t just get on gchat for this. But here are some thoughts. You don’t even need the photos. The descriptions are all objective and accurate.

J:  is that actually a dress or is rhianna just wearing a coat?
me:  coat dress or carpet
H said she picked up a carpet and decided to wear it
I compared it to a butter dish
J:  i think it is like a blanket wrapped around her and her bra
me:  in may
fur in may

J:  wtf is solange wearing? where are her arms?
me:  let me see
me:  oh no solange looks like she’s wearing a sandwich board outside of a furniture store closing
J:  see!

me:  anna [wintour] looks like she is wearing floaties